A Few Fun Gardening Goodies for Spring

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I might be jumping the gun a little but I’m ready for spring. Actually I’m ready for summer but I’m taking things one day at a time. I’ve been thinking about what kind of veggies I’m going to put on the little piece of dirt I call a garden. I love seeing those first little green shoots piercing the dirt. There are so many decisions to make.  Do I want to order some heirloom seeds? Should I stick with all herbs this year? Should I only plant in containers or should I plant in the ground and fight the weeds? While pondering these dilemmas, I’ve found some really cute gardening paraphernalia to get me in a gardening mood. I’m totally buying this tool caddy.

What are you favorite gardening tools?

1. Handmade Garden Markers on Etsy –  These are too cute. They would look adorable in my front yard.
2. Gardening Caddy – I could have really used this last year.
3. Cool gardening book – Maybe I can learn how to weed correctly.
4. Rainbow Colored Garden Shears– I love bright colors.
5. Cute Vintage Seed Packets – This would be a cool way to store leftover seeds
6. Handy Gardeners Apron Another handy way to carry tools
7. Cute Garden Gloves Sturdy but cute gloves to save the finger nails.

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