Clean Eating – 8 Simple Food Swaps

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Clean Eating – 8 Simple Food Swaps

New Years has come and gone and so have most of those heartfelt resolutions.  I always like to do a review a few months into the year to see where I am and if I stayed on track. One of our resolutions was to eat a cleaner less processed diet so we’ve been eliminated things little by little and replacing them with healthier alternatives. Changing something as ingrained as the way you eat should be a marathon not sprint.  It’s sort of like quitting smoking. Most people don’t/can’t quit cold turkey – they ease into it over time which is what we’re doing. We’re easing into a more natural, less processed life style. We try things and see if they work for us, if they don’t we try something else.

These are a few simple changes we’ve made  and they’re good places to start if you’re trying to eat cleaner.


8 Simple Cleaner Food Swaps

1. Turbinado for sugar or artificial sweeteners.

2. White whole wheat flour for regular white flour

3. Oatmeal or barley for cold cereal

4. Sparkling water with fruit juice instead of soda – 100% juice not that the juice cocktail that’s mostly sugar.

5. Homemade popcorn or roasted chickpeas instead of potato chips

6. Dried Beans for Canned Beans

7. Real cheese instead of processed cheese like products – think Velvetta and Kraft Slices.

8. Bakery fresh or homemade whole wheat bread instead of store bought white bread.



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