Crockpot Beef Tacos

You may not have heard, but it’s been crazy hot in Nashville lately – way too hot to do alot of heavy duty baking and roasting. Even though I don’t want to heat up the kitchen, we still love a roasted chicken or juicy pot roast from time to time. Enter my handy dandy crockpot. It’s been a lifesaver this summer.  I love coming home from work with half of my meal already done.

Last spring we joined a meat CSA and ended up with a freezer full of stuff. We decided not to renew our membership for the summer and we’ve been eating out way through the rest of that meat. This roast was part of that haul. It’s a 3 lb beef shoulder roast but a chuck roast would do just as well. It needs to be a roast with some good marbling and fat so it won’t dry out with such a long cooking time. I didn’t want just a plan old roast so I decided to make taco meat out of it. The crock pot cooks it until it’s fork tender so when you’re ready to eat, all you have to do is shred it and serve with your favorite condiments. All measurements on ingredients below are an approximation. I used what we had on hand. Next time, I’ll add more jalapenos.

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  • Hey Janet!

    I was wondering what size crockpot I should use for this recipe. I just bought my first crockpot, but one one the smaller sizes to try and help with portion control since I am only cooking for me and my hubby. I am wondering if I need to just go ahead and purchase a bigger one. I think what I have is only 3 or 4 quart.

    Love the site!

    • I’m usually cooking for just two also. The 4 quart works if you have the oval one vs the round one. I like the oval been because they give you more cooking area than the round ones. The round ones are good for soups and stews.

      • Thanks! I just checked and mine is actually 3.5 quarts. Maybe I should upgrade… Thoughts?

      • A larger one would definitely allow you to cook more stuff. I make roast chicken in mine and you probably couldn’t do that in a 3.5 quarts crockpot. You should probably consider getting a larger one.

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