Cooking fresh corn on the cob in the microwave.

This time of year, corn on the cob is incredibly crisp and sweet. There aren’t alot of things better than a piece of hot corn with a little butter and salt. One of the ladies at my Weight Watchers meeting mentioned this and I had to try it out. Once you cook corn this way, you’ll never go back to boiling. Who would have thought that microwaving would make the husks and silk easier to remove. The corn steams in the husk and comes out perfectly cooked with a sweeter more intense flavor than with boiling.


1. Dampen two paper towels and put them on the glass tray of the microwave.

2. Put corn in microwave for 3 minutes per ear. Don’t remove the silk and husks before cooking.

3. Remove corn from microwave and peel back the husks and silk. Be careful. The corn will be hot.

4. Enjoy.

The corn will so sweet and tender that you won’t need butter.