What I’m Reading – Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

I’m always on the hunt for cookbooks that will teach me new skills not just give me new recipes. When I heard Jennifer Reese on The Splendid Table podcast, I immediately downloaded this book to my Nook. It’s is a wealth of information for anyone that wants to cook more from scratch.  There are 120 recipes divided into 13 chapters in categories like breakfast, cured meats, and restaurant foods.

How it’s written

Jennifer’s style is straightforward and easy to read. She’s a great storyteller and talks alot about her family and their urban homesteading tendencies. There are parts of this book that are laugh out loud funny. The story about her family keeping chickens had me on the floor laughing.

Each recipe has an honest assessment of the hassle factor and the cost of making it versus buying it. She gives you her opinion on whether it’s worth your time, energy, and dollars. Don’t expect a bunch of pretty pictures because it’s not that type of book. It’s about the stories and the food, not glossy pictures.

Who should buy it

Anyone that’s interested in moving away from processed store bought foods to wholesome made from scratch staples should get this book. It’s a DIYers guide to scratch cooking so if you like kitchen projects, this book is for you.


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