Smoky Chipotle Bean Dip



This recipe was so easy that I’m almost embarrassed to put it on this blog. I needed to use up some pinto beans I cooked a few days ago and bean dip popped into my brain. This dip is full of flavor and has loads of possible variations. Since beans are low in fat and high in fiber, this dip is a relatively healthy snack that will fill you up. If you have don’t have any leftovers, use 2 14 oz cans of well drained pinto or black beans. Definitely don’t get hung up on the quantities. Use whatever beans you have and season to taste.  If you have chipotles in adobe  on hand, you can substitute 1 tsp minced chipotles for the chipotle powder.

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  1. Haley @ Cheap Recipe Blog
    March 28, 2012

    Definitely don’t apologize for posting an easy recipe. I think this dip looks delicious! Sometimes we need a good reminder to cook these simple dishes again.


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