Williamsburg, VA

I wanted to share more pictures from our recent road trip. These are shots from our Williamsburg stop and wish we could have stayed there a few more days. There’s so much to see and do that we couldn’t squeeze in everything in such a short period of time.  As I’ve gotten older, US history has become way more interesting to me than it was in high school and college. Actually it’s somewhat fascinating to see how people lived a few hundred years ago and to see how far we’ve come in that time. It sort of makes me feel like an inadequate slacker.

Willamsburg exceeded all of my expectations. I wasn’t expecting the level of authenticity and the attention to detail we found in the historic district. It was almost like walking through a huge play that was set in the 1700’s. Everyone was in character all the way down their jewelry (or lack there of) and stockings.  The artisans were incredibly knowledgeable about the time period and were remarkably skilled in their chosen fields. If you get the opportunity to visit Williamsburg make sure you do the ghost tours and the tour of the governors palace.

This is a real honest to goodness working blacksmith shop. They made the beautiful keys above.

You can take sightseeing carriages around the historic district. The drivers were complete attention hogs – loved the camera.

There were tons of gorgeous metal work and locks in the historic areas.

The two guys in the leather shop were amazing. One was making riding pants and one was making a jacket (I think) completely by hand from leather.

So gentile and always in character. They were out on a nice afternoon stroll through town.

Of course we had to take the tour of the Governor’s Palace kitchen. The cook actually used that huge oven to make the food laid out on the table. This was an example of a special occasion meal at the palace. The picture in the lower right corner is one of the cooks using the outdoor ovens. They were heating the oven to make cookies.

The milliner and the tailor were actually making outfits. She was making a dress and he was making pants/pantaloons by hand.



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