Italian Nachos

Last weekend I had a great “away trip” with my church choir. We took a bus to Cleveland to support one of our young ministers who was going up there to preach at his home church. He’s incredibly talented and we all love him to death so it was worth the 9 or 10 hours we spent on the bus. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in downtown Cleveland – sorry no pictures (at least no good ones) that had a mall and casino attached to it. We had a ball. It was nice to get away, especially when I didn’t have to worry about handling any of the driving or catching a plane. It’s always nice to get away and recharge the batteries.

Years ago Italian Nachos were on the appetizer menu at Macaroni Grill. They served them over pasta chips on a huge platter and it was easily enough for four people. I couldn’t find pasta chips but this is really close to what I remember them tasting like. The alfredo sauce keeps them from being dry by giving them a creamy cheesy layer. You can layer up your tortilla chips with alfredo if you want but I like mine of top. It keeps my chips from getting soggy. Olives are good on these too but just a few – they can be a bit salty. I didn’t give measurements on the ingredients because nachos should be based on your preferences not mine.

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