Cake Flour vs All Purpose Flour – How to substitute

Unless you do alot of cake baking you probably don’t keep cake flour on hand. There have been many times that I’ve gotten ready to make a cake recipe and realized at the last minute that it called for cake flour not all purpose flour.

What’s the Difference?

Different types of flour contain different amounts of protein. When the protein mixes with water, and heat, gluten is formed. The higher the protein content, the more gluten is produced, the more the baked good with rise and the final product will have a denser structure. The lower the protein content in the flour, the more delicate the crumb of whatever you’re baking. Think about the difference between dense chewy bread (lots of protein) and a cupcake (low protein).

All purpose flour has a protein content of 10 to 12%. Cake flour has a protein content of 6 to 8%. If you do a 1 to 1 switch of all purpose flour for cake flour, you will see a definite difference in the texture and crumb of your cake. It’s better to make you own cake flour.

How to Make Your Own Cake Flour

Making your own cake flour is simple.




Make sure you sift the flour and cornstarch together. They need to be well incorporated.  The starchiness of the cornstarch helps break up the protein in the flour and helps reduce the protein percentage.


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