5 Food Vloggers You Should Be Watching

5 vloggers

One of my dreams for this blog is to add video content for some of my recipes. While I’m learning the art of video, there are a handful of vloggers that I look to for inspiration. Not only do they have great recipes, they make shooting video seem accessible and possible for all of us aspiring food videographers. If you haven’t checked out these vloggers, you’re missing a treat.

Average Betty

Sarah from Average Betty makes me laugh out loud. She has a funny irrevent style that makes her stand out from the sea of other food vloggers on Youtube.

Food Wishes

I found Food Wishes via an interview I read about Chef John and how he’s built a whole new career as a Youtuber. He’s my idol. His recipes are simple and his video style is no frills but still educational.

Claire Thomas

Claire is the maker of the Kitchy Kitchen on Vimeo and she’s my other idol. She’s turned a blog and vlog channel into a career directing and producing video. I love her videos because they’re beautiful but not so artsy that you can’t relate to them.

Divas Can Cook

Monique at Divas Can Cook started her Youtube channel as a way to stop her friends and family from asking for recipes. She has a very down home style that makes you feel like you’re in the kitchen with one of your girlfriends.

Working Class Foodies

Rebecca at WC Foodies is one of the first food vloggers I found on Youtube. I like the combination of cooking shots with shots of Rebecca giving explanations of techniques and ingredients.


  1. Yvette (Muy Bueno)
    January 17, 2014

    Thanks for introducing me to vloggers I had never seen before. I’ll be subscribing to all their channels. FUN!

    I just started vlogging and it is hard work. Hats off to these vloggers who do it well 😉

  2. Ashley @ thekickashkitchen
    March 21, 2015

    I would love for you to check our my cooking vlog! THE Kick Ash Kitchen

  3. Arran
    May 12, 2015

    im the food travel dude on YouTube i go around the globe reviewing restaurants, currently in holland sampling milk based products check me out if you wanta


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