Clean Eating – 8 Simple Food Swaps

Clean Eating – 8 Simple Food Swaps

New Years has come and gone and so have most of those heartfelt resolutions.  I always like to do a review a few months into the year to see where I am and if I stayed on track. One of our resolutions was to eat a cleaner less processed diet so we’ve been eliminated things little by little and replacing them with […]

A Few Fun Gardening Goodies for Spring

I might be jumping the gun a little but I’m ready for spring. Actually I’m ready for summer but I’m taking things one day at a time. I’ve been thinking about what kind of veggies I’m going to put on the little piece of dirt I call a garden. I love seeing those first little green […]

10 Recipes to Try During Lent

I can’t believe Lent is here. Where has the time gone? Somehow it managed to slip up on me. To be more accurate, the idea of actually fasting for Lent slipped up on me. My church is doing the Daniel Fast (vegan fast) again this year and to be honest I’ve never made it all the way to […]

Embracing Uniqueness

Hubby and I have started to casually look for our next home – mainly refining and clarifying our likes and dislikes. Do we want to live in a new neighborhood or an established neighborhood? Do we want to live on the southside of town or the west side of town. So many questions to be decided. We’ve […]

Recipes galore? How I keep them organized

Recipes galore? How I keep them organized

I’m a recipe junkie. Between cookbooks, magazines, and online recipe sites, I have several hundred recipes saved, dog eared, or tabbed for future use. Keeping up with them can be somewhat of a challenge. It gets hard to remember which Cooking Light contained  that great cake recipe when I have 15 back issues of Cooking Light on my bookcase. One day I stumbled upon a […]

Kitchen Organization Envy

Source: via Janet on Pinterest   I don’t know what happened this year. I’m usually raring to go at the beginning of a new year but 2012 hasn’t started that way. Maybe I’m still recovering from 2011, but motivation is in short supply in the Foster household. One of my goals this year is to […]

Stocking your holiday baking pantry

One of the things I like best about this time of the year are the sales. Not the sales at the mall but the sales at the grocery stores. This is the time of year I restock my pantry with all of the baking supplies I’m going to need for the next 6 months. Pair […]

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